A History of Game-Changing Innovation

Mr. Federas seeks senior level executive engagements (full-time or contract) in start-up and turnaround situations that involve Operations streamlining, new business development, marketing overhaul, sales ramp-ups, or new product development. If there is something you need help with, I can show you how to get it done. Here is a small slice of my past achievements:

Cleantech Open

After serving since 2009 as a generalist mentor and financial specialist to start-up companies in the Cleantech field, Gint was appointed Chair of the Mentor program for the Cleantech Open in the Western Region. Mr. Federas was responsible for recruiting and managing nearly 300 mentors and pairing them with 100 clean tech companies in the 2012 competition.

The Cleantech Open is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding, funding, and fostering the most successful clean tech startups on the planet. Since its inception in 2006, nearly 400 promising teams have availed themselves of the Cleantech Open’s one-of-a-kind hands-on workforce development, nurturing, and funding programs, with impressive results:

  • Cleantech Open Alumni have raised over $280M in private capital,
  • 80% remain economically viable today, and
  • More than 2,000 new clean technology jobs have been created.

Handheld, Battery Powered Blood Analyzer

U.S. and International Patents Pending
Quantitative blood analysis results for eight (8) analytes in under one minute, sent wirelessly to Emergency Department or EMR. Includes ultra low power processor for long battery life, high signal to noise discrimination for quantitative diagnostic analysis. Customized-off-the-shelf (COTS) components coupled with smartcard printing technology reduced manufacturing costs 90% for both the device and disposables, simultaneously increasing reliability to six sigma level.

Blood Separation Method

U.S. and International Patents Pending
Discoveries included a proprietary plasma treatment to change hydrophobic polymers into hydrophilic surfaces that employed proprietary nanostructures to channel clear plasma away from red blood cells.

Fully-Automated Sand Bagging Machine

U.S. and International Patents Pending
This sand bagging machine can be towed to any site behind a standard pickup truck. It makes and fills sandbags, dropping them off the rear conveyor, replacing dozens of workers manually filling and carrying bags to where they are needed. Currently seeking licensing partners.

“Mr. Sandman” rendering

Prototype shown prior to addition of bags, motors, and controls

View Animation (Prototype shown prior to installation of motors, bags, and feeders)

Reckitt Benckiser Easy Mop (US Brand: Lysol)

Sold by Dettol in the UK, St. Marc in France, other brands around the world. Ramped from $0 to US$100 Million in retail sales in second year. High volume manufacturing of injection molded plastics, extruded aluminum, assembly, and pack-out. Our international supply chain stretched from mainland China to Eastern Europe requiring extensive demand forecasting by Country, production planning, inventory control, and logistic coordination tracking on average 150 containers in transit at any time.

Reckitt Benckiser Easy Mop

Private Label Minute Mop

Responsible for all Business Development, opening new relationships with Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Target, and CVS stores. Contributed to product design and technical features. Designed packaging, marketing collaterals, orchestrated multi-million dollar media buys in multiple markets, set pricing, and negotiated placement. Retailer Sell sheet



2002 Medical Device Excellence Gold Award

Invisalign teeth-straightening system, manufactured and entered by Align Technology Inc. (Santa Clara, CA). The Invisalign teeth-straightening system is a method of straightening teeth that uses a three-dimensional clinical model of treatment and clear, removable aligners that gradually move teeth to a desired final position. Supply and design credit to Design Concepts (Madison, WI) and Fitting Image (San Leandro, CA). See the original posting here

Invisalign products