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Mr. Federas is a strategic thought leader with 20+ years leadership experience steering start-up companies toward profitability and formulating work-out strategies for companies in turn-around situations.

In 2009, Mr. Federas founded the Lazarus Team, recruited a stellar management team, and raised $1 Billion USD in commitments to acquire the Saturn Motor Division from General Motors. He presented a revolutionary business model to senior executives and Board members of Saturn, General Motors, and GMAC (Saturn for more details). Through this effort, Mr. Federas forged relationships with members of Congress, the US Treasury, key executives of GM, Ford, Chrysler, and foreign auto manufacturers, as well as Hybrid and Electric Vehicle suppliers. Mr. Federas has been a frequent guest host and contributor on EVCast, a tri-weekly podcast dedicated to Electric Vehicles.

The Lazarus Team has been active forming management teams and raising capital for potential acquisition targets. Recent projects include business valuation and due diligence for angel investment groups and private equity partners. Mr. Federas structured acquisition bids for a 38-location restaurant chain, an offer for 71 Taco Bells in bankruptcy court, and a bulk purchase of 21 Midas Muffler franchises.

Mr. Federas was recruited as a financial consultant in 2004 by the Board of Directors at Careside, Inc. (formerly AMEX:CSA), a manufacturer of blood chemistry and hematology analyzers. After four months, Mr. Federas was promoted to President and CEO enabling him to lead the company out of bankruptcy and develop next generation breakthrough medical devices with several patent applications pending. Redesigning the analyzer on a new platform reduced manufacturing costs by 90% while simultaneously improving reliability to Six Sigma level. Careside Medical is currently seeking a merger partner.

AMS Industries hired Mr. Federas in 2001 and was quickly promoted to Vice President of Business Development. He repositioned this 20-year old engineering services company as Fitting Image, a product development consultancy and multiplied sales 1,700% in just two years. A new product line introduction ramped from zero to $100 Million (retail). Mr. Federas negotiated Letters of Credit with the largest global CPG firms and factoring facilities with international banks to finance this tremendous growth. He managed an international supply chain stretching from manufacturing in mainland China to packaging and distribution in Eastern Europe, delivering products across the European and American continents.

Mr. Federas earned an MBA in 2003 from St. Mary’s College in Finance and Marketing complementing a dual B.S. / B.A. degree in Biochemistry and Psychology earned from UCLA at just 18 years old.

Today, Mr. Federas is available as an executive consultant, or would consider a senior executive role in the right progressive corporation.